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Tattoos have become popular in the recent years, so don't be surprised if you find yourself wondering if you should say yes at some point to getting some cool decoration on your skin or not. One thing is for sure, tattoos can be fun but can turn also out to be a nightmare. Here are a few things to keep an eye on in case you have decided to get some cool tattoos here and there:

1. Inside - Outside

The biggest question for any tattoo fans, is that what would be the perfect type of tattoo to pick? What should it represent? Do I want it have any meanings apart from looking cool? Should I simply get a huge dragon on my back? Well, what is for sure, that if you pick something that you are really passionate about, you will surely end up with a stunning look. After all, tattoos symbolize who we are, expressing our most important points. However, if you decide to go with one of your first ideas, you might end up as Carl, who is turning 40 this year and does everything to hide his scooby-doo tattoo under his sleeve, every time we go out. Don't be like Carl, except if you are a rad Scooby fan!

2. Tattoos last, duh!

With all of the above being said since tattoos last a lifetime (except if you decide on removing them later) your tattoo choice should be taken seriously. A dragon on your back might be getting you the title of "cool dragon dude" but you should decide if "lizard grandpa" sounds just as cool or not? Obviously, tattoos will deteriorate with your skin over time, so be prepared to calculate a budget and dedicate some time to recolored every once in a while to avoid having that dragon turn into a half-eyed lizard!

3. Go for nothing less, than the highest quality!

Picking the right artist is difficult but don't let it affect your motivation. Do you remember Carl? Well, he got that scooby tattoo was done by one of his buddies on a "fun" night out: you could never tell that it is a scooby tattoo, much more like a mentally challenged turtle, or a torn apart umbrella. Therefore, the most important thing is that you should go for nothing less, than the highest quality. Browse the web, go through portfolios and find the artist whose profile and style best matches your own.

These 3 hints are also a few basic tips for the ones considering their firs tattoos. Hopefully, the example of Carl was enough to make you reconsider any cheap options. Also, don't forget to find the best topic for your tattoo, so you wouldn't end up like Carl's friend, with whom I had this exciting conversation:
- What is that tattoo?
- It's an onion man!
- Okay, but why would you get an onion tattoo?
- I like onion, duh!