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Did you know that every flower is said to represent a different emotion, and have often been used in holistic stress relief therapies of all kinds? You can easily make use of this old fashioned technique by incorporating wallpapers with flowers into your daily routine. All you have to really do is just download the image, install it on your computer, and enjoy it every time you log in to your computer. This can be especially helpful for those who work long, hectic hours on their computer.

If you want to download wallpapers with flowers on them for stress relief, check out this great list of options. Pick an image with one or two different flowers that stand for either calm, tranquility, or some other emotion/feeling that will help you personally de-stress.

Meaning of Flowers

There are several flowers which represent cheerfulness, happiness, gaiety, and joyfulness. These include: Yellow Carnation, Gardenia, Holly, Anthodium, Bird of Paradise, Gerbera Daisy, Chrysanthemum, and Yellow Lily.

The following flowers also represent moods or feelings associated with ridding yourself of stress:
-Aster represents contentment
-Begonia represents deep thoughts, meditation, or clear thinking
-Black-eyed Susan represents encouragement
-Pink Carnation means gratitude
-Geranium means comfort
-Lisianthus represents calming thoughts, or a calm state of mind
-Pansy means loving thoughts
-Larkspur represents levity, and lightness

Flowers: The Importance of Colors

Just like every flower invokes or represents a different feeling, so does every color. The color of the background or the flowers themselves can help to invoke stronger feelings of calm if the proper ones are used. If the wrong color is used, one that takes away from your feeling of calm, the idea behind using a wallpaper with flowers will be redundant.

Great colors to have incorporated into your flowers wallpaper include orange, which represents optimism, and blue, which represents peace. Other good choices are brown, representing comfort, turquoise, representing clarity of mind, and magenta, which stands for emotional balance.

Colors to avoid include red, which can invoke anger in some individuals, gray, which stands for emotional detachment, and black, which represents mystery.

The other colors, which can be used if you feel their meanings represent you or the exact emotions you're trying to invoke, include:
-Yellow = Optimism, Cheerfulness
-Green = Balance, Growth
-Indigo = Intuition
-Purple = Imagination
- Pink = Love, Nurturing
-Silver = Emotional Sensitivity
-Gold = Extravagance, Wealth
-White = Purity, Wholeness, Completion