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Everyone has a favorite emoji, the kind of emoji that they use way more than the others (and for a lot of people the “poop” emoji!).

Emojis have definitely entered our traditional means of communication, not only littering our text messages but also popping up on social media, our emails, and a lot of people are even starting to draw them on any paper notes or materials that they are using.

You can even buy pillows, blankets, T-shirts, and more with your favorite emojis on them!

But up until just recently it was a lot more difficult to put emojis on your computer or phone wallpaper without having to mess around with all kinds of photo editing services. And even then you were almost always left with emojis that were blurry, grainy, or pixelated – and nobody wants to have to deal with that.

Thankfully though, with our collection of 100% free high-definition emoji wallpapers, you won’t ever have to worry about those kinds of struggles any longer!

Instead you are going to be able to download all of your favorite emoji characters onto a brand-new high-definition wallpaper to fit ALL of your screens – and you can even choose emoji wallpapers that include almost ALL of the popular emojis out there right now, too!

These emoji wallpapers have been designed to take advantage the highest definition characters, the brightest colors, and the most unique overall look and feel. These are the kind of wallpapers that are going to grab attention immediately (especially if you have them on your phone as your lock screen wallpaper), and they are the kind of wallpapers that are going to let everyone know exactly who your favorite emoji is!

These wallpapers (like every single one of our wallpaper downloads) will always be 100% free of charge with absolutely no strings attached whatsoever. You will be able to download any of these wallpapers – or ALL of these wallpapers – to any of the devices that you want to use them on as much as you like, without any restrictions whatsoever.

All of our wallpaper download files are fully checked to make sure that they are 100% legitimate and that there aren’t any fake files included. These downloads are safe, fast, and ready to be used just as soon as they have been downloaded – mere moments after you click the “get this wallpaper” button!

Check out these emoji wallpapers and you’ll be able to create the exact look you’re going for on any of your electronic devices today!