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When you've made the decision to adopt a new member of the family, it's hugely important to ensure that you've taken into account how it will affect your life and your family. This article will tell you what you should research when you're choosing a dog.

Which Breed is Right for You?
If you're a person with a lot of free time who can spend hours each day walking a dog, then a high energy dog is a great choice for you. However if you're not going to be able to commit to that much time for dog walking, it's a much better idea to get a dog who doesn't require as much exercise. Don't just take looks into consideration - do careful, thorough research on dog breeds before you make your mind up, and pick that perfect pet for your life.

Do You Have Children?
If you've got children or there are other pets living in the house, make sure you get a dog that is known to be safe around children. Some dog breeds don't like small children or small animals, and you don't want to have any tension when the dog moves into its new home. If you know the kind of breeds you like, do your research to see if they're the kind of breeds that can be brought into a house with children or pets.

Should You Buy or Rescue?
So many dogs are in urgent need of adoption, and many people choose to rescue a dog rather than buy it from a breeder. Animal sanctuaries have hundreds of dogs and puppies of all ages and breeds to choose from, and when you adopt a dog you are able to find out much more about its personality than you are from a breeder. If you're planning on having a show dog that you will exhibit, then buying a dog from a breeder is often the only way to ensure that you're getting a true pedigree dog.

Why not Foster First?
Most animal sanctuaries will let you foster dogs for a trial period to see whether they can adapt to your home, and if you can deal with the characteristics they have. It's always worth speaking to local sanctuaries and rescue centers to see what options they offer. You'll be able to take in the dog of your dreams for a short time, and if you're both happy with the arrangement then you can offer your dog a forever home.

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