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Wallpaper images on your mobile devices and your laptop or computer will go a long way towards transforming the background of your devices, but they will also help you to really express yourself and customize your devices in a way that you might not have been able to in other ways.

Sure, adding a case or a “skin” to your devices is a great way to customize the actual device itself – with that’s usually a pretty expensive proposition, especially if you’re looking to transform your device on a regular basis the way you can with different wallpaper backgrounds.

That being said, there are definitely still some things you have to focus when it comes time to transform your background. You’ll want to make sure that you are being smart about this kind of upgrade, and that you are adding the kind of visual interest you’re after without making your device less useful or difficult to navigate.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you out!

Download “clean” backgrounds so that navigation is effortless

Yes, some of the best looking wallpaper backgrounds out there are considerably more busy than the minimalist options available, but you’ll want to try and find busy backgrounds that still allow you to find all of your favorite applications and your shortcuts without having to kind of Easter egg hunt for them because of the background that you selected.

A gorgeous background is fantastic, but it shouldn’t ever make your device more difficult to use.

Use the same backgrounds on all of your devices for a seamless look

Some folks are going to want to use unique backgrounds on all of their devices and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that approach, but if you want to have a more uniform look and a more seamless transition from one device to the next it may be advantageous to have the same backgrounds on all of your devices.

Luckily the high-definition wallpaper files that we make available can scale to fit any screen size imaginable so you will be good to go!

Choose backgrounds that are perfect for you

When you’re customizing your device you’ll want to think first and foremost about the kind of backgrounds that will make you happy and not necessarily the kind of backgrounds that other people might think are cool.

We offer thousands of different options in a number of different categories to help you find exactly the right kind of background that you are after. Choose the one that is perfect for YOU!