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Background Images

7 Reasons To Use Background Images On Your Computer

Background images are pictures or graphics that can be set for your home screen on your computer. Computers often come with a default screen featuring either a blank colored background or the company's logo. These can grow dull and boring after a while. Many people don't realize they can change this image, or else they aren't sure how to go about doing it. The good news it that installing personalized background images on your computer is very easy, and totally possible.

Why should you change your computer's background image? Check out these seven good reasons you should:

1. Background images allow you to display a little bit of your own personality on your computer. All models of your computer came with the very same default image as yours, but changing yours can make it uniquely you.

2. Background images can depict something you love, like an interest or hobby, or something you simply love to look at, such as naturally breathtaking landscapes or cute kittens. This can make you feel calmer, happier, and more satisfied with your computer every time you log in. This is especially great at work, where the long, hectic day can sometimes grate on your nerves.

3. You can change your background images every time your mood changes. There is no limit set, so it's really just all up to when and how often you feel like doing it.

4. The options are truly limitless on what your background image can be. A few options include animals, landscapes, sports teams, celebrities, jokes, seasonal depictions, holiday scenes, high fashion, flowers, waterscapes, and popular cartoon characters.

5. It's super easy to do. All you have to do is download the image to your computer, and go to the settings section of your computer. Click on the 'personalization' icon, and then hit the 'background' tab. Select 'browse' and choose the image you've downloaded. Then all you have to do is save it, and you're done!

6. While it's true that you could use your own image for your background, downloaded a high quality one is essential. Basic images tend to be blurry or pixelated, but ones downloaded online are specially designed with the highest quality.

7. Why not? No, really, I mean it. Why not use background images on your computer when the option is available to you. Simple, fun, and often free, there really is nothing to lose.